1943 Born November 25, Thanksgiving Day, in the biggest snowstorm of the decade. Educated in California, with summers spent in northern NM on grandparent’s farm. One year at Long Beach Junior College before entering military.
1964 Medic and Sergeant in the Army in Germany for three years.
1968 Two years at Long Beach Junior College and two years at University of California at Fullerton.
1972 Emigrated to BC, Canada. Established homestead and farmed until 1982.
1970 Started Zen practice with Koun Taizan Dai Osho (Maezumi Roshi) at Zen Center of Los Angeles in 1974-1982 Commuted from BC to LA 1974 -1982 to practice with Maezumi Roshi.
1978 Precepts (Jukai) from Maezumi Roshi.
1982 Ordination (Tokudo) from Maezumi Roshi. Became first resident monk at Zen Mountain Center, California. Built one-mile long road into the property, supervised drilling well, installing solar power, building structures for Zendo, Buddha Hall, kitchen and residential structures. Oversaw all angos, sesshin, and workshops until 1994.
1984 Acting Head Monk (Shuso) at ninety-day ango, Zen Mountain Center.
1086 Became Vice-Abbot, Zen Mountain Center, California.
1987 Tokubetsu month-long sesshin at Daijoji, Kanazawa, Japan.
1988 Started teaching under the guidance of Maezumi Roshi. Founded Inward Bound, a program for youth at risk. Eventually served HIV/AIDS patients and their care-givers with retreats focused on impermanence and survival.
1989 Board of Directors of advocacy group for street people, Hemet, CA. until 1991.
1994 Dharma Transmission (Shiho) from Maezumi Roshi.
1995 Founded Hidden Mountain Zen Center as a Zen Peacemaker Community in Maezumi Roshi’s name, Albuquerque, NM. Bernie Glassman (Tetsugen Roshi) stood in for Maezumi Roshi after Roshi’s death that year. Worked with residents as trainees and oversaw all angos, sesshin and workshops until 2002. Established and ran HMZC branches of Peacemaker Homeless Retreats and plunges in Juarez, Mexico, Wise Men and Women Mentoring program in local schools, teaching meditation at Santa Fe Maximum Security Prison facility, and received a grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation to take teens on wilderness retreats.
1998 Served on Board of Directors, Center for Action and Contemplation, Catholic social service and meditation establishment, Albuquerque. Founded Prajna Zendo in Santa Fe, NM.
1999 Became Abbot of Hidden Mountain Zen Center, Albuquerque. Dharma Transmission (Shiho) from Bernie Glassman, Litchfield, CT.
2001 After 9/11, became more involved with interfaith work, and Co-Sponsored a symposium in Albuquerque, with Jewish and Muslim leaders, as well as leaders of other faiths, to enter into dialog together on the subject of religious tolerance.
2002 Resigned from Hidden Mountain Zen Center
2006 Resumed teaching formally with Tokudo ceremony for Doug Helzer, Albuquerque, NM. Co-founded Center for Promotion of Peace, a non-profit service organization.
2010 Two pieces purchased to Alan Arkin Collection.
2012 Received Inka transmission from Bernie Glassman Roshi.

Currently teaching advanced Zen students in Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Houston and Saint Louis, along with working in and exhibiting the art of woodblock printmaking.