Local IQ October 24, 2012 article: ZEN AND THE ART OF CARVING

“It is with the Hand of the Heart that Jitsudo moves toward this fine blend of the Creative and Devotional worlds. To experience this artist’s Work, rest assured, is nothing short of Divine Guidance.”
John Mowen, owner of Mowen Solinsky Gallery, Nevada City, CA

"What I like about Jitsudo's work, and what I think most of my customers pick up on besides the quality, is the message, and the peace that emanates from it. Here's a guy who is devoted to the personal practice of making the world a better place as a Buddhist teacher, who also offers artwork that represents that self-search-struggle. To me his work is a little reminder or relic of happiness."
Travis Black, former owner of Bright Rain Gallery, Albuquerque, NM