Roshi Alfred Jitsudo Ancheta, one of twelve Dharma Successors of Japanese Zen master Maezumi Roshi, is a teacher of traditional Zen practice. Being a Dharma Successor of Bernie Glassman (Tetsugen Roshi) as well, he works to promote peace and interfaith understanding, in conjunction with the worldwide Zen Peacemaker Order based in Massachusetts, and is co-founder of the Center for the Promotion of Peace, a non-profit service organization in Albuquerque, N.M. Over the last several years, Jitsudo has developed a practice in the art of woodblock printmaking. He also continues his work with advanced Zen students. Jitsudo lives and works in a family compound outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ancheta comes from a family based for over 400 years in New Mexico – the Ancheta family from the Silver City area, and the Guttierez family from Velarde. His Aunt Zoraida exhibited her prize-winning weavings at Spanish Market for years. She and her husband, Eulogio Ortega, were named Santa Fe Living Treasures in 1999. They had 60 combined years in the education field, and when they retired, they both found expression in the arts. Eulogio Ortega is an internationally known santero, and his work is in collections around the world, as well as in many churches in northern New Mexico, because of his generous donations. In the 80s, when Zoraida was ill, he prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and promised that if his wife recovered, a chapel in Guadalupe’s honor would be built. Zoraida lived well into her 90s, and the charming chapel on their property in Velarde, decorated with the Eulogio’s carvings and Zoraida’s paintings, is a destination spot for art lovers from around the world.